The name MAREWA, originating from New Zealand´s Maori culture, describes someone with an idealistic and sensitive nature, which gives them a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. 

"MAREWA is not about just offering a service. It is about creating an unforgettable experience our customers will want to repeat again and again." 



Each MAREWA founder has earn industry recognition each in their own right for their expert skills and professionalism and, as a trio, they provide the best of what Formentera has to offer. Through sharing a common appreciation for gastronomic adventure and a desire to provide clientele with an exceptional culinary experience, the idea was formed to create what is MAREWA today.



head chef - ESPAÑA

Xavi´s adventures in the world of gastronomy began at a very young age in the Canary Islands. Upon discovering a passion for cooking, he enrolled to hone these skills in the school of Casteldfells.

He has since worked in renowned restaurants and event companies in Cataluña and the Balearic Islands, bringing more than 14 years to the MAREWA team. During his experience in top-level restaurant consulting and his experience as a private chef, he has collaborated with some of the best agencies and custodians in Ibiza, establishing a reputation as much for expert culinary skills as his professionalism and business acumen.



Event Planner - ESPAÑA

ince graduating with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism in Madrid, Maria has spent the past 13 years working for nationally recognised luxury hotels and restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona, Baqueira Beret and the Balearic Islands.

Working as a maître and event and wedding planner, she helped developed the brands and services of some of the most prestigious hotels and event venues in Formentera.

Her reputation for excellence and attention to detail has built her a strong client base and established her as an authority for event and wedding planning in Formentera.



Maitre - BraSil

Renato's pathway to a career in hospitality was not a direct one. 10 years ago he quit his corporate role as Billabong's commercial brand manager in Brazil to search for something more tactile and personal.

He soon found this fulfillment in providing clientele with a new product – the best dining experience possible. During the past 10 years he has worked in high-end luxury bars and restaurants in the UK and in Spain. 

Drawing on skills from his previous career, Renato´s management of staff, reinvention of bar and food services, and general brand consulting brought in new clientele and augmented the reputation of each business he worked for.